Day of Coordinating 

For the bride who has dotted her Is and crossed her Ts. 


You are busy getting married! Instead of worrying about all the details for the wedding day, pass the torch to me; I'll manage all the tasks and people as you enjoy and relax on your very special day!

Before Wedding:


  • One consultation meeting with bride/groom and two supplementary meetings for the following:

  • Unlimited phone and email communication from the date of contract

  • Gain full vision for wedding 

  • Help bride create timeline for the dress rehearsal and day of wedding

  • Visit the venue together and start mapping out all the details (tables, location of cake, food, gift table, etc.,) while also going over all details for set up and tear down

  • Create a contact list of all vendors and will send timeline to all important players (My contact with vendors will be to ensure they know where to be and when )

  • Run through the dress rehearsal with the bridal party/ family

During Wedding:


  • I will act as Lead person and Onsite Coordinator, ensuring all things run smoothly for the entire day

  • Arrive early to set up, making sure every detail is in place, including tables, chairs, candles, and all the décor

  • Direct vendors and anyone helping to set up, making sure timeline for set up is running promptly and smoothly

  • In contact with photographer throughout the entire day, staying in sync with their timeline

  • Instruct the MC/ DJ on where to set up, and communicate throughout the evening

  • Direct wedding party throughout the day, staying in sync with timeline

  • Make sure the timeline is running promptly and smoothly

  • Ensure all the vendors have been paid by the end of the evening

  • Oversee the clean up after the wedding is over

  • Direct and see that all gifts and decorations find their way to their proper home/ location for the evening

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