Morgan & Baylor

If you are looking for a wedding coordinator who you can whole-heartedly trust with the details of your wedding day, then Abby is your gal!  

Abby has been a dear friend of mine for a while now and when she expressed her passion for coordinating weddings/events and offered to coordinate our January wedding, I said YES!  As her friend, I can vouch for her beautiful heart and character.  She deeply cares for people and remembers details about you and your life that might be deemed unimportant and she makes a point to remember those things and ask you about them.  She goes out of her way to make sure that people are taken care of, seen, and heard.  She’s reliable, trust-worthy, kind, and fiercely loyal.  And as one of her past clients, I can vouch for her hard work and skill as a coordinator.  She intentionally develops relationships with her brides and their families and works hard to ensure that they are relieved of any potential anxieties or worries on the big day.  Because of Abby, my husband and I felt like we had the space to really savor every moment of our wedding day.  

She’s the best… And you should definitely hire her!

Sonya & Zack

The first day we met up I was hesitant on having a day of coordinator simply because I’m a control freak myself, so passing over the reigns was scary. But Abby instantly took all the stress I was feeling and turned it into a plan that was easy to understand. She helped me stay sane on my wedding day and made sure that it went smoothly. She was absolutely amazing and made my dream day become a dream come true.

There was a distinct day that I woke up and it hit me; date set and approaching quickly, my wedding day was near. Very near. There were a million things I could’ve done to prepare for everything that needed to happen to make it perfect for us, but the wisest thing was to hire Abby Mitchell as our Wedding Coordinator. 


The decision to hire a wedding coordinator is a smart one to begin with, but hiring the right one takes some intentionality. When we had our introductory meeting with Abby to “test the waters”, we instantly knew she was for us. Her smiley, charming personality alone is enough to win anyone’s heart, but she follows up with incredible interpersonal communication and impressive learned insight for the job. 


Once Abby took over, we felt the stress burden lift and we were able to focus on preparing our hearts to be made one! It was our absolute joy to have her there every step of the way, as she assured us that someone was handling it, at all times. If you’re considering Abby as your “day-of” coordinator, I suggest you meet her, and your decision will be made. 

Laina & Alec